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Waterproof material sales

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Industry Latest recruitment Position Latest recruitment
Department Vacancy A few
Area Default area Job Nature 类型
Gender 性别 Marriage 婚姻
Education 学历 Experience 1yrs above
Age All Salary More than 8000element/month
Updated 2020-07-13 Valid until Never Expire
1. Gender is not limited, relevant sales experience can be given priority.
2. High school degree or above, major in architecture, chemical coating or marketing;
3. Sales experience and management team working experience in waterproof materials, purification engineering, transportation facilities engineering, hardworking, hardworking and practical workers are preferred;
4. Strong self-motivated, hard-working, able to withstand greater work pressure and full of teamwork spirit;
5. Have good time management ability, sales data analysis ability, learning ability and enterprising spirit;
6. Has good leadership and coordination skills, can effectively manage the sales team, establish and train sales teams;
7. Have a driver's license C, more than 1 year driving experience, familiar with the traffic conditions in the surrounding area;
8. Can adapt to business trips.
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