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What are hardware building materials sold?

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   Hardware and building materials are the mother of industry and the foundation of national defense.The products of hardware and building materials are usually divided into two categories:big hardware and building materials and small hardware and building materials.Hardware and building materials refer to steel plate,steel bar,flat iron,universal Angle steel,channel iron,I-iron and various types of iron and steel materials.
  Small hardware building materials are divided into building hardware,iron sheet,lock kind nail,wire,steel screen,steel wire scissors,family hardware,building materials of all sorts of tools and so on.In terms of the nature and use of hardware and building materials,it can be divided into eight categories:iron and steel materials,non-iron metal materials,mechanical parts,transmission equipment,auxiliary tools,work tools,building hardware,family hardware and so on.
  Architectural decoration hardware building materials include architectural hardware,decorative hardware(lock,handle),ironwork products,hardware accessories,hardware tools,hardware molds,hardware casting,etc.
  Automatic doors and door control hardware and building materials:
  All kinds of automatic doors,door control hardware systems and accessories,access control electronic systems and other integrated kitchen/integrated home materials and related equipment,including integrated cabinets,materials,laundry trough,faucets,kitchen accessories,kitchen appliances and equipment,into the wall cabinet,door,partition,etc.
  Additional information:
  Development prospect of hardware building materials:
  Because the profit space of manual tools is compressed,the space for price reduction is decreasing day by day.It is difficult for enterprises to establish core competitiveness by price competition alone,so they should explore a new development path.only enterprises to ensure the stability of product quality,but also to ensure the integrity of the enterprise,to be able to get the letter of customers.
  Although users will consider price when choosing tools,according to the survey,quality is the most important factor for users to consider.In order to occupy a place,expanding the influence of its own brand and improving product quality are also key.In the case of good products with guaranteed quality,proper brand promotion is particularly important,and after-sales protection is another.
  The after-sales service of domestic enterprises is not in place,or basically no after-sales service,which has become a big weakness for us.In the face of increasingly fierce market competition,if domestic enterprises do not pay attention to it,it will affect their long-term development,and good sales service is also the top priority.
  In the global sales of power tools,the vast majority of the production and export from China,China has become the world's main power tools suppliers.With the development of power tool industry,some problems are also increasingly exposed.
  In particular,the slow progress of the reform of scientific research and development system,the obvious gap with foreign countries,low foreign exchange earnings of export products,low performance level,low price,small scale of enterprises,low degree of integration,raw material price rises and other factors seriously restrict the further development of the industry and the improvement of quality.
  Power tool enterprises must seize the new development situation,increase scientific and technological innovation,actively carry out product certification,accelerate the enterprise technological transformation,improve supporting measures,actively create conditions,absorb foreign investment,promote enterprise assets reorganization,only in this way in the new situation in an invincible position.
  The market of pneumatic tools is optimistic by businesses,on the one hand,its technical requirements are relatively high,the use of pneumatic tools is more and more wide,coupled with the further after-sales service to keep up,to dispel the concerns of customers worried about the product is broken and there is no maintenance,so that the sales of pneumatic tools is further stable.
  But because its market price is generally higher than power tools,this has become one of the main reasons pneumatic tools are not widely used.With the continuous improvement and maturity of domestic production technology,the price of pneumatic tools will gradually decline.

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