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New Chinese cabinet door handle copper Chinese antique pure copper wardrobe cabinet brass handle cab

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Updated: 2021-03-01
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 Material: Brass Origin: Mainland China Province: Anhui City: Chizhou Color Classification: Fugui Flower Vine Bronze (diameter 14cm) screw installation Fugui Fish Bronze (diameter 14cm) screw installation Fugui Yun Bronze (diameter 15.5) cm) Screw installation Guofeng calligraphy and painting bronze (diameter 14cm) screw installation auspicious pattern bronze (diameter 15cm) screw installation auspicious cloud bronze (diameter 14cm) screw installation Chinese style internal corrugated bronze (diameter 15cm) screw Installation of Chinese-style external corrugated bronze (diameter 14cm) screw installation more sizes and more colors Contact customer service Hole distance: single hole Use: cabinet door
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