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The original achievement of the team of Professor Zhang Jili from the Construction Department of Dal

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Note:   Recently,the interim research results of the national13th five year plankey RD project project project undertaken by
   Recently,the interim research results of the national"13th five year plan"key R&D project project project undertaken by the team of Professor Zhang Jili of the Construction Engineering Department of Dalian University of technology--the draft of the group standard of China Energy Conservation Association"basic building unit information model"(hereinafter referred to as the"standard")has passed the review of the expert group in Beijing China architectural standards design and Research Institute“The standard model is original,and the standard fills in the international blank.
  The review meeting was held in China architectural standards design and Research Institute.Jiang Yi,chairman of China Energy Conservation Association and academician of School of architecture of Tsinghua University,served as the leader of the review group,Chen Zhongli,chief engineer of East China Construction Group Co.,Ltd.,and Xiong Jiang,deputy chief engineer of Zhongnan Architectural Design Institute Co.,Ltd.,served as deputy group leaders;Ma Jiyong,chief engineer of China Light International Engineering Co.,Ltd.,and Aerospace Construction Co.,Ltd Ren Xiangdong,chief engineer of architectural design and Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,Wang Donglin,chief engineer of Tianjin architectural design and Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,Wang Yuqing,deputy general manager of CSCEC Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.,Zhao Xiaoyu,deputy chief engineer of Tongfang Taide International Technology(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.,and Zhang Yuezhen,deputy chief engineer of China Architectural Design and Research Institute,were experts in the review group.Professor Zhao QianChuan,director of the national key R&D project"new building intelligent system platform technology"of the 13th five year plan and Professor Zhao QianChuan of Automation Department of Tsinghua University attended the review expert meeting,and more than 20 teachers from Dalian University of technology,Tsinghua University,Army Engineering University of the people's Liberation Army,China Institute of building standards and other standards participating units participated in the review meeting。Before the review meeting,Luo Wenbin,vice president of China Building Standards Research Institute,delivered a welcome speech;Fang Qing,vice president of China Energy Conservation Association,made a speech on behalf of the competent unit of standard approval,emphasizing the importance of the standard preparation to the intelligent and reasonable layout of buildings and the national building energy conservation work;academician Jiang Yi of Qinghua University delivered a speech on behalf of the review expert group,pointing out that the standard is conducive to defining a comprehensive The general information model,which reflects the common operation characteristics of buildings and electromechanical equipment systems,is conducive to the interconnection of intelligent systems of buildings and mechanical and electrical equipment.It is of great significance to develop a new generation of intelligent building systems and intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment.The key points and directions of the review are described.The one-day review meeting was presided over by academician Chen Zhongli,deputy group leader and chief engineer Chen Zhongli.The review expert group conscientiously listened to the report on the background and significance of the standard,the preparation process,the results of novelty search at home and abroad,and the contents of the draft submitted for review on behalf of the preparation group by Professor Zhang Jili.The review expert group reviewed the standard chapter by chapter,questioned and discussed the relevant issues,and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the further improvement of the standard.The task of compiling the basic building unit information model standard comes from the national"13th five year plan"key R&D project"new building intelligent system platform technology",which was proposed by academician Jiang Yi of Tsinghua University in 2015.Professor Zhang Jili of the Ministry of construction and engineering,Professor Wu Guowei of the school of joint software and Professor Li Guofeng of the Department of telecommunications have undertaken the research work of project 2"data model and standardization method of building space and electromechanical equipment system supporting interconnection"and project 5"intelligent technology of building space and electromechanical equipment"through interdisciplinary cross discipline.This standard is one of the requirements of the achievement。After more than three years of efforts,the standard preparation group has completed the research,extraction and standard compilation of the information model of building space unit and building electromechanical equipment unit,and organized more than 30 times of information model standard demonstration meeting,working meeting of preparation group and technical exchange meeting attended by schools,enterprises and scientific research institutes.Nearly 40 and more than 300 opinions and suggestions were received from 35 experts from design institutes,enterprises,scientific research institutes and universities.More than 230 opinions and suggestions were adopted by the preparation group at a special meeting.The basic building unit information model(for comments)includes preface,scope,normative references,terms and definitions,basic provisions,building space unit information model,HVAC and water supply and drainage equipment information model,electrical equipment information model and fire equipment information model.It defines 26 types of building basic unit types,16 types of building space units and 29 types of building space units The source electromechanical equipment unit fully reflects the operation and control requirements of the new intelligent building system for building space information and electromechanical equipment system information.The compilation group commissioned the Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval workstation of the Ministry of education to conduct Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval in more than 30 databases at home and abroad.The results show that the research results of the standard have not been reported in the literature except the papers published by team members.
  The review expert group believes that the standard puts forward the concept and classification of building basic unit,provides the standardized description method and information entry of building basic unit,and plays an important role in supporting the standard information model for realizing the interconnection,plug and play,self identification and distributed computing functions of each node of the swarm intelligent building network platform,and provides the development of intelligent building operation control a PP program and group intelligent electromechanical equipment products provide the standard basis;the standard model complements and improves the existing building information model system,and is the information model basis for developing a new generation of intelligent building system and intelligent electromechanical equipment product system,which is of great significance to the innovation and development of the industry.The review Group believes that the standard model is original and the standard fills the international space White.The review expert group unanimously approved the standard review and submitted for approval after modification and improvement,and proposed to start the national standard application procedure.
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