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Build a large domestic cycle

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Note: From May 20 to May 22, the 17th China Zhengzhou hardware and electrical Expo was successfully held in Zhengzhou Internat
 From May 20 to May 22, the 17th China Zhengzhou hardware and electrical Expo was successfully held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Gongbangbang, as a one-stop service platform for dealers of industrial products, has made a grand appearance, bringing a digital enabling feast to dealers in the central and western regions, helping dealers of industrial products to become bigger and stronger, and helping domestic circulation.
At the Expo, gongbangbang 150 flat special booth appeared, and won the award of "popular exhibitor of 2021" in one fell swoop. In addition to the seven display modules of "local alliance of industrial products", "Bangbang cloud", "official website experience area", "Kunhe supply chain", "product exhibition", "andanda independent brand" and "kuntong intelligent small warehouse", gongbangbang also held a full day dry goods sharing and targeted Forum for dealers. The scene not only attracted many dealers to stop and visit, but also attracted provincial media to interview.
Since its establishment, gongbangbang adheres to the tenet of "help you buy less, help you sell well", and devotes itself to serving the dealers of industrial products. At the Expo, Bangbang cloud, a one-stop solution for dealers of industrial products, was highly praised by the audience.
BANGYUN is an omni channel multi scene industrial SaaS software specially developed by gongbangbang for dealers. It helps dealers to have their own e-commerce platform with one click, realize dealers' independent domain name and custom decoration, and support flexible pricing, thousands of customers and thousands of stores. In addition, gongbangbang shares the opening of 400W + large amount of high cost-effective commodity inventory and efficient procurement, which helps dealers to purchase the end customers' demand in one stop. Bangbang cloud not only provides sales forecast and intelligent recommendation services combined with big data precipitation analysis, but also opens up the existing national warehousing network coverage of gongbangbang, providing warehousing management and one click distribution services for dealers. The whole process digital and online management mode helps the digital transformation of dealers and makes a lot of money!
At the same time, gongbangbang industrial products local union · Zhengzhou station was successfully held as the on-site meeting of the Expo“ "Local alliance of industrial products" has been held in many cities as a support project of gongbangbang to dealers. The project aims to carry out in-depth cooperation by screening qualified local dealers who are willing to make digital transformation, with the help of gongbangbang's existing mass of high cost-effective goods, Bangbang cloud digital service system, cloud digital service system, and so on Covering the national supply chain logistics system and other resources to support local dealers. From the commodity end, business end and marketing end, we can help dealers to become bigger and stronger.
Gongbangbang focuses on serving the distributors of industrial products, 28 production lines, 400W + SKU mass of high cost-effective goods, the supply chain service system of 11 regional joint warehouses and 70 + service centers in China, and the digital management software of purchase, sale and inventory of Bangbang cloud, enabling the distributors of industrial products from the commodity end, supply chain end and it technology end.
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