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World recognition day: green clothes for building materials

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Note: Is the paint for wall brushing and plastic runway used for running, green products, can we meet the environmental requir
 Is the paint for wall brushing and plastic runway used for running, green products, can we meet the environmental requirements? Xu Peng, director of coating inspection center of the Provincial Institute of product quality supervision and inspection, held the theme publicity activity of Henan "world recognition day" on June 8, showing the inspection process to the public.
Our province is a big province in construction material production and consumption, but it also faces the problems of large proportion of traditional building materials, relatively insufficient high-end products and high energy consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the development of green building materials industry with the characteristics of "energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience and recycling". June 9 is the world recognition day. Our province has set the theme "green product certification helps high-quality development", and establishes an exchange platform between building materials, construction enterprises and certification agencies.
Since the birth of certification and accreditation system, it has made outstanding contributions in strengthening quality management and improving market efficiency, and has been widely used in domestic and international economic and trade. Accelerating the implementation of the certification system of green building materials products can increase the supply of green building materials products, improve the quality of products, promote the transformation and upgrading of building materials industry and construction industry, and promote high-quality development.
According to statistics, by the end of April this year, 195 building materials in our province have obtained green building materials evaluation and identification certificates, ranking second in the country, covering ready mixed concrete and premixed mortar, masonry materials, thermal insulation materials and other types, laying a good foundation for the implementation of green building materials product certification system in our province.
In October last year, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued a notice, which supported the popularization and promotion of green building materials through government procurement. The market supervision department of our province is vigorously guiding building materials manufacturers to apply for green building materials product certification, and support enterprises to join the government procurement platform for green building materials products according to the regulations. In addition, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development is exploring the establishment of a database for the utilization of green building materials and a mechanism for the collection of green building materials, and promoting the government to take the lead in the adoption of green building materials in projects such as investment projects, key projects, green buildings and assembly buildings.
In addition, with the aim of integrating the elements of building materials industry and improving the service development system, the industry and information department is guiding and supporting traditional building materials manufacturers to increase technological innovation and product research and development efforts and expand the market share of green building materials products.
"The multi departments will work together to promote the certification, credit and promotion of green building materials products, and in the future, Henan building materials will be put on" green clothes. " Zhengwenchao, deputy director of the provincial market supervision and administration, said.
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