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Taiyuan industry creates twelve advantageous industrial chains

   Release date: 2022-05-14     Author: 李莹    Hits: 6    Comment: 0    
Note: The adjustment of domestic and regional industrial division of labor has been accelerated, and Taiyuan is in a critical
 The adjustment of domestic and regional industrial division of labor has been accelerated, and Taiyuan is in a critical period of building a new industrial system. The recently released "high quality industrial development plan of Taiyuan in the 14th five year plan" proposes to implement the industrial chain upgrading project and create 12 strategically advantageous industrial chains.
Four 100 billion level pillar industrial chains. Extend the industrial chain of special metal materials, accelerate the development of technological R & D and intensive processing of diversified special steels, new magnesium alloys and high-performance magnetic materials, and provide key basic material support for major national projects and major equipment. Expand the manufacturing industry chain of new electronic information products, expand the product fields of electronic products, robots, instruments and meters, and build a 100 billion level electronic information manufacturing industry chain from key components, parts and components to application products. Strengthen the industrial chain of new chemical materials, take Qingxu fine chemical recycling industrial park as the leader, promote the industrial chain circulation of coking, fine chemical, new chemical materials and carbon materials, and build a world-class new coal chemical industrial base with a capacity of 10 million tons. Build the industrial chain of bio based new materials, accelerate the construction of Shanxi synthetic biological industrial park, and build a domestic first-class 100 billion level industrial chain of bio based new materials.
Four 10 billion level characteristic industrial chains. Strengthen the rail transit industry chain and build an important rail transit equipment manufacturing base in China around the three fields of high-speed trains, urban rail vehicles and electric locomotives. Upgrade the industrial robot industrial chain, build an industrial chain of "intelligent chip - core parts - three machines and one set - complete set of products", and build a world-class coal machinery equipment and mining robot industrial base. Develop the new energy automobile industry chain, promote the construction of shared Automobile Industrial Park, and develop the intelligent automobile industry. Strengthen the industrial chain of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment and build an industrial chain of "ingot slice battery chip battery module application system".
Four strategic future industrial chains. Lay out the information and innovation industry chain, form a whole industry chain from software and hardware to system integration, and build a national information and innovation industry base. Cultivate the industrial chain of the Internet of things, promote the integration of 5g, artificial intelligence and other technologies with the Internet of things, and form an overall solution of the Internet of things with industry characteristics. Build a new generation of semiconductor industry chain and build a new generation of semiconductor industry application highland with the largest scale in China and world influence by relying on the silicon carbide material industry base of CETC and the semiconductor industry Research Institute of Zhongbei University. Integrate into the general aviation industry chain, lay out and build an aviation industry demonstration park dominated by aviation manufacturing, aviation maintenance, parts processing and flight training, and build a characteristic general aviation industry cluster.
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