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These important news over the weekend may affect the stock market (with new share calendar + institu

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Note:   The central government has allocated 10 billion yuan to pay one-time agricultural subsidies to farmers who actually
   The central government has allocated 10 billion yuan to pay one-time agricultural subsidies to farmers who actually grow grain
  According to the news of the State Council,the central government has issued a one-time plan to increase farmers'agricultural production and grain prices by 10 billion yuan.According to the actual situation of the State Council,the central government has issued a one-time plan to further reduce the impact of the increase in agricultural production and grain production,and actively mobilize the central government to support farmers'one-time increase in agricultural production and grain prices.
  The Australian labour party won the federal election and Anthony Albanese will be the new prime minister
  According to CCTV news,the preliminary vote count results of the 2022 Australian federal election on the evening of May 21 local time showed that the labor party was significantly ahead of the ruling Liberal national party coalition in this election.Australia's current Prime Minister Morrison admitted defeat,the labor party will form a new Australian government,and the current labor party leader Anthony Albanese will be the new Australian Prime Minister.
  Germany and Italy agree to settle Russian gas in rubles
  According to today's Russia report on the 21st,sources said that Germany and Italy have allowed enterprises to open ruble accounts to continue to buy Russian natural gas and avoid supply interruption.The report said that the move was approved after discussion with the European Commission and was not considered a violation of sanctions against Russia.It is reported that in the latest written guidance document,the EU said that if the enterprise purchases Russian natural gas in the currency of the existing contract,it is considered not to have violated the sanctions,but did not mention whether opening a ruble account would violate the sanctions.According to Reuters,some EU diplomats believe that this guidance is deliberately vague in order to enable countries to continue to buy Russian natural gas.
  High inflation forced the G7 to consider adjusting the pace of interest rate hikes
  The meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of the group of seven ended on the 20th in Petersberg,near Bonn,Germany.The communique issued by the meeting showed that the members of the group of seven were generally trapped in high inflation and would consider appropriately adjusting the pace of monetary policy contraction.
  China office and state office:support digital cultural enterprises that meet the attributes of science and innovation to be listed and financed on the science and innovation board
  Recently,the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the implementation of the national cultural digitization strategy.The opinions require that cultural data security standards be formulated in the links of data collection and processing,transaction distribution,transmission and storage and data governance,strengthen the data warehousing standards of Chinese cultural database,and build a perfect cultural data security supervision system,Improve the property rights protection measures for cultural resource data and cultural digital content.Accelerate the research and formulation of cultural digitization construction standards,improve the dynamic mechanism of data sharing of cultural resources,study and formulate industrial policies to support cultural digitization construction,implement and improve financial support policies,arrange national scientific and technological innovation bases such as national technological innovation center and national key laboratories in the field of cultural digitization construction,and support digital cultural enterprises meeting the attributes of science and innovation to be listed and financed on the science and innovation board,Promote the construction of disciplines related to cultural digitization and make good use of the integration platform of industry and education.
  LPR welcomes the structural"interest rate cut",which is beneficial to the cost reduction of medium and long-term loans
  Different from previous LPR downturns,the latest LPR downturns have two characteristics:first,the"linked"medium-term lending facility(MLF)interest rate has been lowered while it has remained unchanged recently,although this is not the first time.Second,only varieties with a maturity of more than 5 years go down alone.The reduction of LPR over 5 years can reduce the cost of medium and long-term loans and improve the demand for medium and long-term loans.Compared with the one-year LPR adjustment,which mainly affects liquidity loans,the reduction of LPR over five years will have a greater coverage to reduce the financing cost of the whole society,especially for individuals under mortgage pressure,which will directly reduce the monthly mortgage interest to be repaid.It is estimated that according to the loan amount of 1 million yuan,the term of 30 years and the repayment of equal principal and interest,the LPR over 5 years will be reduced,the average monthly supply can be reduced by nearly 89 yuan,and the total amount of interest to be repaid will be reduced by more than 30000 yuan.
  National Health Commission:3370.162 million doses of novel coronavirus vaccine have been reported nationwide
  The National Health Commission released the vaccination status of novel coronavirus vaccine.As of May 21,2022,31 provinces(autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government)and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps had reported 3370.162 million doses of novel coronavirus vaccine.
  The operating rate of cinemas across the country recovered to 70%
  According to the microblog message of"cat's eye Professional Edition",as of 17:00 on May 20,the overall box office of the day was 56.638 million,with 8767 operating cinemas,an increase of 804 compared with the previous day.The operating rate of cinemas nationwide was 72.60%,which was the first time that the operating rate of cinemas exceeded 70%since April.
  China's lithium battery market has become the largest in the world for five consecutive years
  CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology recently released the 2021 white paper on China's lithium battery industry development index.According to the white paper,the development index of China's lithium battery industry reached 307.6 in the fourth quarter of 2021,more than three times that of 2017.Globally,China has become the world's largest lithium battery consumer market for five consecutive years.In 2021,the global lithium-ion battery market reached 545gwh,of which China's scale exceeded half.By the end of 2021,China's power battery production capacity accounted for about 70%of the world.Among the world's top 10 lithium battery manufacturers,China accounted for 6 seats.
  Muyuan shares:it is expected that the pig price in the second half of the year is higher than that in the first half of the year,and the company's liquidity will continue to improve
  Muyuan replied in the newly disclosed record of investor relations activities that the company's operating cash flow is basically in a balanced state.Since March,with the recovery of pig price,the operating cash flow of the company has a slight surplus.The company expects that the pig price in the second half of the year is higher than that in the first half of the year,and the company's liquidity will continue to improve.At the current stage,the company will still strictly control new projects under construction,and continue to strengthen communication with cooperative financial institutions to enhance mutual trust,ensure the smooth development of financing business,ensure capital safety and stable operation.
  Focus this week
  Subscription of new shares this week
  According to the issuance arrangement,11 new shares are applied for this week.The specific list of applications is as follows:
  Application code of xianglou new material:301160
  Subscription code of Rongyi precision:889223
  Subscription code of Chengchang Technology:001270
  Canneng power purchase code:889668
  Subscription code of tengya Seiko:301125
  Purchase code of Dongli machinery:301298
  Jingsong intelligent subscription code:787251
  Sinosteel luonai purchase code:787119
  Yubang new material purchase code:301266
  Subscription code of Huahai Qingke:787120
  Application code of suneng Technology:787348
  Shares lifted this week
  56 shares will be lifted this week,with a total market value of 63.301 billion yuan based on the latest closing price.Sichuan Road and bridge has the largest market value.1.064 billion shares will be listed and circulated next week,mainly the placement of shares by private placement institutions,with a market value of 11.005 billion yuan.21 shares such as hailier,LiuYao and Dawei have less pressure to lift the ban,and the lifting market value is less than 100 million yuan.In terms of the proportion of the number of shares lifted to the total share capital,Furong technology has the largest lifting proportion,reaching 74.45%.The lifting proportion of Aojing medical and Shandong Road and Bridge exceeded 50%.
  Institutional strategy
  CICC:the market already has midline value
  CICC looks forward to the future,and reiterates that the market has some characteristics of the bottom in terms of policy,valuation and capital sentiment,and the market already has the value of the middle line;There are still some challenges in the market environment,and more positive fundamental catalysts are needed for further growth.In particular,the month on month improvement of earnings expectations may be more important.Under the background of the overweight of domestic"steady growth"and the decline of overseas growth,we will focus on the post epidemic repair of domestic fundamentals in the future,including real estate and consumer demand.
  CITIC Securities:the medium-term slow rise is still in the early stage,and the four main lines continue to rotate
  According to the latest research report of CITIC Securities,the trend of local epidemic situation has improved and the joint force of policies has begun to appear.The improvement of fundamentals is expected to drive the medium-term repair of a shares for several months.At present,it is still in the initial stage.The market rhythm is characterized by slow rise,and the four main lines of structure continue to rotate.In terms of trend,the impact of local epidemic situation in China has improved.The resumption of work and production and the resumption of business and market will be gradual.The implementation of steady growth policy takes into account the density and strength,and the resultant force of policy begins to appear.After the domestic economy has reached the low point in April,it is expected to return to the good trend month by month in May,and the profit growth rate of a shares will also rise after the bottom of the second quarter.In terms of rhythm,this round of repair market is characterized by slow rise.At present,it is still in the initial stage.Epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production are a gradual process,and external disturbances have not been completely eliminated.Although market sentiment has been repaired,it is still low,institutional positions are still low,and the inflow rate of incremental funds is relatively slow.Structurally,the four main lines continue to rotate.It is suggested to firmly lay out the two main lines of modern infrastructure and real estate throughout the year,continue to focus on the main line of resumption of work and production in the quarter,and pay attention to the main line of consumption restoration in the month.
  CSC:the market sentiment is still low,and we can no longer be pessimistic strategically
  The Strategy Research Report of CSC pointed out that from the perspective of risk premium,turnover and issuance of new funds,the market sentiment is still at the bottom of the downturn.Although there is still the possibility of continued decline in the follow-up,the space in terms of odds is relatively limited.Looking forward to the future,we should not be pessimistic in strategy,but gradually turn to optimism.The improvement trend of the whole internal and external environment is a high probability event.The improvement process of the main contradictions inside and outside the market is likely to have some repetition.It is necessary to be prepared for a certain shock in the bottom area of the market.Tactically,we should be patient,slowly figure it out,and take the low-level layout as the basic principle.The macro liquidity is abundant,but the fundamentals are low,the industry performance is divided,and the high-quality growth stocks will gradually pick up.It is suggested to pay attention to the high-quality prosperity targets of food and beverage,securities companies,military industry,photovoltaic,coal,infrastructure,etc.and science and innovation board.
  Haitong strategy:the big bottom of the 3-4-year cycle of a shares has appeared,and positive factors are accumulating
  Haitong Securities pointed out that since the opening of the Shanghai Hong Kong stock connect in November 2014,the correlation between China and the US stock markets has increased,but it is still weakly correlated.Among them,the phenomenon of a shares falling with each other is obvious.Since the end of April this year,after the sharp decline of US stocks,a shares have not followed the decline,which is due to the dislocation of economic cycles between China and the United States and the different valuation positions of stock markets.The bottom of the 3-4-year cycle of a shares has appeared,and positive factors are accumulating.At this stage,new infrastructure is better,such as digital economy and low-carbon economy.In the future,we will gradually pay attention to consumption.
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