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China Hardware and building Materials platform: Digital upgrade, create a better future

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Note: Due to the influence of real estate regulation, coupled with too many people engaged in hardware and building materials
 Due to the influence of real estate regulation, coupled with too many people engaged in hardware and building materials trade, there are more graduates than graduates in this industry. And BECAUSE OUR COUNTRY BUILDING MATERIALS OUTPUT IS TOO BIG, RANKS FIRST IN THE WORLD, AND DIRECTLY CAUSES the hardware BUILDING materials PRODUCT TO OVERSUPPLY, the market competition is MORE and more INTENSE. It is obvious that the hardware building materials home furnishing industry has bid farewell to the previous era of excessive profits.
Nowadays, with the continuous expansion of the fields of Internet application, the industrial scale of Internet finance centered on the e-commerce platform is also expanding. If the industry of hardware and building materials wants to have a new development, it should take the fast lane of The Times, stand on the tide of the Internet + business model, and rely on innovation and management to win. In short, using the network to realize factory direct sales, is the future of the hardware and building materials industry development trend.
Wang Aibing, chairman of Hefei Aibing Building Materials Trading Co., LTD., with his vision and blueprint of hardware industry retail Internet, has always been committed to looking for opportunities to help optimize enterprise structure and upgrade sales. Standing at the node of the new era, staying in place means regress. If you want to run ahead, you must work harder than others and have a longer view than others. This is also Manager Wang has been supporting their own beliefs forward.
Nothing is difficult to those who are willing to climb. Opportunities always come to those who are prepared. With his unique vision and firm belief, Wang has found out the road suitable for his own enterprise to achieve sustainable development in the new era. He also hopes to lead his enterprise to see the blueprint for development and growth in the increasingly fierce competition in the hardware and building materials market. That is to adapt to the development of The Times, to create a self-produced direct hardware and building materials trading platform. After SCREENING AND INTERVIEW, HEFEI AIBING BUILDING Materials TRADING Co., Ltd. and Shanghai YAOzhuo Technology selected each other and reached a consensus, which facilitated the first cooperation between the two outstanding enterprises. With the financial and technical support of Shanghai Yaozhuo Technology, we will try our best to build China's hardware and building materials platform. We believe that in the near future, we will enter a new period of development, better plan the enterprise blueprint, promote a win-win situation, and further open another new journey to build the Internet + hardware and building materials platform.
China Hardware and Building Materials Platform based on the development of contemporary Chinese hardware and building materials industry, through the Internet, more convenient to provide people with high-quality hardware and building materials procurement channels. At the same time, through the establishment of urban sub-stations, reservation centers, consulting centers and other sectors, also cut down many intermediate links, to provide consumers with more favorable prices and after-sales services. In the form of merchants settling in, taking advantage of the 5G era, to create a B2C hardware and building materials e-commerce platform, perfectly adapt to and meet the new market demand.
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