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Shenzhen Senrebar Hardware: To create value for doors and Windows with the ultimate technology

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Note: Recently, under the common witness of the vast number of industry elites and many media, the 2022 China's Top 10 Brands
 Recently, under the common witness of the vast number of industry elites and many media, the "2022 China's Top 10 Brands" competition was honored and unveiled. Shenzhen sen rebar doors and Windows hardware with outstanding product quality, continuous innovation power and the overall strength of a strong brand, stand out from the hundreds of thousands of competing brands, win "China ten DaWuJin brand", "China top ten Windows and doors hardware brand", "the Chinese ten door control hardware brand" three gold content high awards!
"China'S TOP TEN BRANDS" SELECtION ACTIVITIES ARE BY THE WHOLE INDUSTRY COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE-baseD PLATFORM "China BRAND NETWORK" HOSTED, "China BUILDING MATERIALS HOME IN THE NETWORK", "China HOME INFORMATION NETWORK" SUCH AS more THAN 10 AUTHORITATIVE NETWORK MEDIA INSIDE THE INDUSTRY TO assist THE national brand appraisal COMPETITION. Since the start of the competition, the selection adhering to the objective, fair, fair, professional, transparent principles, from the industry influence, brand activity, enterprise scale, product quality, service quality and other dimensions to select the strong overall strength of the industry leader. The award of "Top 10 Brands in China" has a fair value and credibility in the industry. It has become the first choice for dealers and consumers nationwide to measure brand value.
Winning the three awards means that the comprehensive strength of Shenzhen Senrebar has been highly recognized and recognized by the industry, media and market. It is also a key step for Shenzhen Senrebar to display its brand influence in multiple dimensions and start a new journey of the brand.
It is understood that Senrebar door and window hardware belongs to Shenzhen Senrebar Window Control Technology Co., LTD., is an integrated supplier of door and window hardware accessories. Shenzhen Senrebar has now formed a whole series of system layout with window screen integrated system, internal opening and internal inverted system as the core, and covers a diversified integrated product chain with fluorescent handle, national wind handle, heavy hinge, stainless steel lock box, hinge and four-piece set as the core. Relying on the R&D and resource advantages of the industry, based on Shenzhen, the core city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the company has set up ten operation centers, four storage platforms and production bases in Shenzhen, forming a three-dimensional industrial model from independent research and development, design, production to operation.
Adhering to the value concept of "creating value for customers and providing good accessories for the market", Shenzhen Sunbar is committed to becoming a quality supplier of high-end door and window accessories in China.
With the ultimate technology, create value for doors and Windows. As the "heart" of doors and Windows, the door and window hardware directly affects the comprehensive performance of the door and window system. Shenzhen Senrebar knows that the highest quality can cast the future of the brand. Ultimate pursuit of quality excellence, technology, shenzhen sen rebar on materials, design, manufacture and use link has a series of strict requirements, hardware fitting performance quality is the basic conditions, shenzhen sen rebar in the process of using more considering the human, such as: opening and closing of comfort, convenience and smooth between hardware and the collocation with product style, etc. Senrebar firmly believes that research and development and products are the first lifeblood of an enterprise. With the design concept of innovation and foresight based on Shenzhen and outstanding product quality, Senrebar will eventually become the vane leading the development of China's door, window and hardware industry.
In the future, Senrebar will always keep in mind the mission of "creating value for doors and Windows", so that every good window is protected by good accessories. Across the new height of the industry, so that every technological change, are extraordinary implication; We will stay true to our original aspiration and forge ahead to make China smart and strong.
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