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Building materials hardware: Ten famous bathroom brands, super detailed selection guide, there is al

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Note: Toilet for the house, is an essential part of the bathroom is an important part of the bathroom. Therefore, in the case
 Toilet for the house, is an essential part of the bathroom is an important part of the bathroom. Therefore, in the case of limited budget, how to choose a suitable bathroom products, is particularly important, can not be ignored.
As we all know, every bathroom product is not a simple existence, but behind different bathroom hardware accessories in the background, this kind of products due to frequent use, update quickly, belong to the consumable products. However, the appearance design of bathroom products, but more and more delicate, like superb art, it is easy to attract consumers' attention, provoke consumers' desire to buy.
So on the market, what are the top ten bathroom hardware brands? Next listen to the old driver for everyone one by one
No. 1: Regal Sanitary Ware
Imperial Sanitary Ware company, founded in the 1990s, in the early period, the main business is based on sanitary ware, the overall brand quality is high, the range is very wide, its production of toilet, shower, faucet, and bathroom cabinets and other products, have a long reputation in the market, deeply loved by the public. After 2016, the board of directors was restructured and established Diao Home Furnishing Co., LTD., officially entering the field of pan-home furnishing.
No. 2 Grohe
Grohe, a company founded in 1936, may not be as famous as Regal. But its share of the bathroom market has held steady at about 8 per cent. Loyal customers all over the world, such as the world famous Sheraton, Shangri-La and other international luxury hotels, have signed long-term cooperation agreements with Grohe, stable market position, has been unusual rivals can shake.
No. 3 TOTO Bathroom
This is a Japanese bathroom brand, founded in 1917, different from European and American bathroom brands, the design concept of TOTO bathroom is more intelligent, and its appearance style will also reflect a unique Oriental color, no matter how competitors imitate, always can not surpass its design concept on bathroom products. However, TOTO's toilets are clearly more popular than its other bathroom products.
No. 4 Moen Sanitary Ware
Moen is an American brand, started with hardware water pieces, exquisite technology, advanced technology, products can withstand grinding, especially the electroplating of the shower and hardware, storage for several years will not change, the high process of the industry is amazing. One price, one goods, Moen sanitary ware is a well-known high-end brand, its product series is rich, especially the smart toilet, from the entry level to the flagship have, there is always a let consumers move.
No. 5 Jiumu Sanitary Ware
Jiumu Sanitary Ware is a Chinese brand, originating in southeast coastal Fujian Province, affiliated to Jiumu Kitchen & Bathroom Co., LTD. Since its establishment in 1990, the company has paid great attention to the investment in product research and development. It is a state-recognized high-tech enterprise and a rare overall sanitary ware brand. With the development of the market, now Jiumu has developed into a large kitchen and bathroom industry integrating ceramics, intelligent kitchen and bathroom and the whole bathroom, basically realizing consumers' demand of "one-stop home decoration".
It is worth noting that, in view of the current chaos in some markets, some bad businesses posing as nine mu sanitary ware brand, to consumers with fake, shoddy. Therefore, in order to avoid being cheated, be sure to go to a regular specialty store or online flagship store to choose to buy.
No. 6: Gold Sanitary Ware
Gold Sanitary Ware, like Jiumu Sanitary ware, is also a Chinese brand. It was launched in 1999 after the acquisition of German Kosch by Shanghua Ceramics. Now, after more than ten years of development, gold sanitary ware has become a large-scale professional sanitary ware brand in the industry.
Gold sanitary ware uses advanced "double S sewage pipe, energy saving and environmental protection, longer life. It is recognized by the industry as the representative of the technical enterprise among the national bathroom brands. Its products are also rich and diverse, such as faucets, basins, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, public products, accessories and other products.
Faensha Sanitary Ware, a relatively romantic European name, is really hard to let people guess, this is a standard Chinese brand, founded in 1999, the process standard is innovative on the basis of Italian technology, the production of ceramic sanitary ware products, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission has been included in the "national first batch of government green procurement list", therefore, Faensha is one of the top 10 bathroom brands.
No. 8 Wrigley Sanitary Ware
Wrigley and Faenza are from the same family, both belong to Lehua Group. The difference is that Wrigley was founded in 1994, and it is a typical integrated development of research and development, production and marketing. Although the establishment time is short, but, like Wrigley toilet, faucet flower shower, hardware pendant just put into the market, soon by the public recognition and pursuit, which is inseparable from its long-term adherence to the "quality first, reputation first" concept.
However, the market also appeared the agent confusion, dealers with fake, shoddy situation, consumers in the choice to buy, must be careful observation.
No. 9 Kohler Sanitary Ware
Kohler Sanitary Ware is the leader of the American sanitary ware brands, the standard requirements, quality control is very strong, the only rival in the market can be equal to the Japanese brand TOTO. Moreover, often go to the building materials wholesale market, you will find a very interesting phenomenon, in front of every TOTO shop, there will be a Kohler sanitary ware, the only fly in the air, is the Moen price is too high, so many people prohibitive.
No. 10 Huida Sanitary Ware
Huida Sanitary Ware is definitely a relatively old brand in our country. The reason why it is unknown in the market is mainly because Huida Sanitary Ware has been mainly engaged in export business, and export sales are very large. At that time, there were also the saying of Huida in the north and Wrigley in the south. In recent years, it began to turn to the domestic market, and its popularity is not as good as Jiumu Wrigley, but its strength is very strong.
If you have quality requirements for sanitary ware, you can consider Moen, Kohler, TOTO, and Heng Jie as the first choice for smart toilets. Shower preferred, Gaoyi; Hardware preferred Kohler, Moen, nine mu; Comprehensive bathroom price ratio first choice Huida, nine Mu, Wrigley.
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