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Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Chuansha Tang Town decoration building materials wholesale market

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Note: When it comes to decoration, most people are confused. Don't say what don't understand half a package, full package, jus
 When it comes to decoration, most people are confused. Don't say what don't understand half a package, full package, just building materials to buy all feel is a mess. Decoration needs a lot of building materials, because most owners are not very familiar with building materials, it will inevitably be pit when buying, therefore, owners must learn some skills to buy building materials. Today, Liju Garden building materials home square Xiaobian prepared a building materials purchase strategy for you, according to buy, do not spend a penny over the counter.
First, the ground decoration
(1) about the floor: pure solid wood flooring does not contain glue, the most environmentally friendly. But its price is also very expensive, and not wear-resistant, in particular need of good maintenance, suitable for the owners with sufficient funds. The general choice of the public is the environmental protection national standard E1 reinforced composite floor, will be more durable. If you want to buy solid wood, you can choose a slightly better hardness of three layers of solid wood composite, environmental performance is also good. In addition, if you want to shop floor heating, it is recommended to buy wood grain brick.
(2) about the floor tile: the technology of the floor tile has been very mature, and the difference between many first-class tiles is basically just in the color and style. So, if you don't have a big budget, there's no need to go for the gaudy aspects of style and color.
(3) about the auxiliary materials: in the scope of economic ability to choose the best!! Because of the poor quality of sealant, interface agent not only short service life, easy to mold black, and very not environmental protection.
Two, the top decoration
Kitchen and bathroom the best choice of aluminum buckle ceiling, waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof, dirty resistance performance is better. If you pay more attention to the appearance level, in the case of good ventilation conditions at home, you can also use waterproof gypsum board.
Three, water and electricity main material
Before you do water and electricity, plan the lighting layout, reserve the location of the lamps, and the location of the sockets. In addition, also need to buy water pipes, strong and weak wires, weak current box, switch panel, power socket and other main materials.
Four, bathroom hardware
Sanitary ware is the most need to pay attention to the quality of hardware, good hardware although buy meat pain, but it is more comfortable to use. Poor quality hardware, greedy for cheap, soon broke, finally found that bought a pile of junk, not worth it!
Five, furniture purchase
Furniture is mainly practical, do not follow the trend to buy something you do not need. It should also be noted that when you get the design plan, you must determine the size of the furniture. Later no matter buy big or buy small, it is very troublesome.
Six, soft assembly decoration
The curtain must buy good shading, sound insulation and sun blocking kind, not only good for sleep, but also protect indoor furniture from sun damage.
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