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What are the building material business opportunities hidden in the first fair in the post-epidemic

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Note: In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, most of the major exhibitions in the country had to postpone their holdings,
 In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, most of the major exhibitions in the country had to postpone their holdings, and a small number of exhibitions took a different approach. They chose to "launch online", and some even chose to suspend the exhibition. Now with the epidemic gradually controlled, the construction and building materials industry has also Finally ushered in the first offline exhibition-the 22nd China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo, which was officially held in Pazhou, Guangzhou from July 8th to July 11th.

China International Building Decoration Expo (abbreviated as "Jianbo Expo") is the largest and most complete architectural decoration exhibition in Asia and even the world. As the first large-scale industry exhibition after the epidemic, Jianbo Expo has become a home furnishing exhibition. The exhibition in which the entire industry chain of the building materials industry participates in the industry and the market is full of expectations. The exhibition covers an area of ​​nearly 300,000 square meters, attracting nearly 1,600 companies from 24 provinces and cities across the country.

As the wind direction indicator of the building materials industry, and facing the special situation of this year, what kind of trend will the Construction Expo bring? We might as well take a look.

The inescapable slate has joined the concept of health

Slate companies accounted for 85% of the participating ceramic industry

Construction Expo site
Eleven of the 13 companies participating in the construction industry fair this year are rock slab companies, far more than half, which can be said to be a hot category in the industry. In addition, health has become the mainstream concept of rock slab products, and customization It is the focus of this year's market trends. Many brand leaders at the scene bluntly said that in addition to the finished products displayed on site, they can also customize rock slabs according to customer requirements to meet different customer needs.

Construction Expo site
The epidemic affects consumer demand

Anti-killing functional products attract much attention

The "New Crown Epidemic" not only affected the development of the enterprise, but also greatly affected people's living habits. The importance of a healthy home living environment began to be valued. During the epidemic, products such as steam sterilizing mops and sterilizing hanging irons entered the people In the daily life, the concepts of health, environmental protection, disinfection and sterilization are taken into consideration when purchasing household goods.

In addition to door locks with sterilization rate, antibacterial children's tables and chairs, building materials with disinfection and sterilization are also receiving much attention, such as steel plates, glass, ceramics, paints, and plates with bacteriostatic effects.

A new generation of super antibacterial function color plate: HBIS antibacterial treasure
There is no longer the trouble of being unable to see the exhibition

Live video walks into the exhibition hall, epidemic situation and distance are no longer a problem

2020 is the first year of live broadcast. In addition to the long-term outbreak, there is also an indirect promotion of the epidemic. At this year's Expo, the sponsors and major home furnishing brands have begun to try to combine online live broadcast to expand their participation. Influence, introduce online traffic, get more exhibition opportunities, and let more people see the exhibition.

It is reported that when people squeeze people in the exhibition hall and conduct security check, more than 26,000 spectators are already watching the situation in the hall. For buyers and consumers, future exhibitions will no longer be limited by distance and time. It also indicates that building materials companies will need to take the importance of live broadcast channels seriously in the future.

Construction Expo site
Internet-based model becomes another highlight

Rely on the third-party platform of the Internet to realize intelligent management

The internetization of home furnishing, construction, and building materials industries is no longer new. With the changes in the needs of a new generation of consumers, home furnishing companies began to use the Internet platform to optimize after-sales service, and gradually developed towards "full-link after-sales service". The service platform has become a unique highlight in this Expo.

Using the Internet platform to strengthen pre-sales, mid-sales, and after-sales management to achieve intelligent management, improve service quality, and work efficiency has become the focus of transformation for many home and building materials companies, not only for end consumers, but in the B2B field. It is also imperative to strengthen the optimization process management through technical means.

As a vertical B2B e-commerce trading platform with green building industry chain materials as its products, Wanjun Green Building provides professional and effective "full process, full chain" one-stop professional services for both supply and demand in the field of building materials. Satisfy the convenient supply and purchase of both supply and demand sides, and provide SAAS platform services of both supply and demand sides to cooperate with enterprises to improve management efficiency.

The masks can’t stop people’s attention and enthusiasm for the exhibition, and the construction expo has not ended. We can’t determine the future market situation in a nutshell, but we can get a glimpse of the construction expo, only to seize the market keenly Opportunistic companies can turn opportunities into real business opportunities
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