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Zhou Yuxian,Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China Building Materials Group,meets wi

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Note:      On August 10,Zhou Yuxian,Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the China Building Materials Group,m
  On August 10,Zhou Yuxian,Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the China Building Materials Group,met with Zhou tiegen,Secretary of the Xuzhou municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress,at the group headquarters.The two sides discussed and exchanged views on strengthening cooperation between central and local governments and jointly promoting industrial development.Peng Shou,academician of Chinese Academy of engineering,President of China Building Materials Co.,Ltd.and chairman of Kaisheng Technology Co.,Ltd.,Wang Qiang,member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of Xuzhou Municipal Committee,and Xu Donghai,vice mayor,attended the meeting.
  Zhou Yuxian welcomed the visit of Zhou tiegen and his party,and expressed his gratitude for the strong support of Xuzhou municipal Party committee and municipal government.He introduced the business development of basic building materials,new materials and engineering services of China Building Materials Group and the business performance in the first half of this year.He also focused on the group's advantages in the new material industry and scientific and technological innovation,as well as the development of the group's enterprises and industries in Xuzhou.He said that China Building Materials Group will solidly promote the optimization and upgrading of cement industry in Xuzhou,accelerate the construction of copper indium gallium selenium thin film solar cell project,actively promote relevant business restructuring and cooperation in the field of new materials,and look forward to fruitful cooperation,which will make positive contributions to industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality economic development of Xuzhou City.
  Zhou tiegen expressed his gratitude to Chairman Zhou Yuxian for his warm reception and congratulated China Building Materials Group on its achievements.He focused on introducing the spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Xuzhou's important instructions,focusing on building the regional model for implementing the new development concept,achieving the"two highs and the top two",and the economic and social development in the first half of the year.He hoped that China building materials group would combine scientific research and industrial advantages,connect with the development of Xuzhou City,accelerate the construction of projects under construction,and actively expand cooperation in emerging industries.He said that the two sides have a good foundation for cooperation,Xuzhou will create a good business environment,give strong support to the development of enterprises and industries of China Building Materials Group in Xuzhou,and provide sufficient mine resources and transportation guarantee for the optimization and upgrading of cement industry.
  The two sides agreed to further strengthen the communication and docking of the optimization and upgrading plan of the cement industry and the reorganization of related industries,deepen cooperation and complement each other's advantages,so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in more business fields.
  Wei Rushan,assistant general manager and general manager of Strategic Development Department of China Building Materials Group;Cui Xingtai,vice president of China Building Materials Co.,Ltd.and chairman of Zoomlion cement;Ma Zhenzhu,deputy secretary of CPC Committee and general manager of China national inspection group;Yin Xinjian,deputy chief engineer of China Building Materials engineering;Li Shuxia,Secretary of Xuzhou Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee;Cao mingdy,Deputy Secretary General of municipal government;and Zhang,director of Municipal Bureau of Commerce Ying and others attended the meeting.
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