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Nanan,Quanzhou,Fujian Province,a building materials shop owner was taken away by the police!Its true

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Note:   God's mills grind slowly,but never fail to leak,On September 10,2020,news,a few days ago,In Quanzhou city,Fujian Pro
  God's mills grind slowly,but never fail to leak,On September 10,2020,news,a few days ago,In Quanzhou city,Fujian Province,a building materials store owner Yu was taken away by the police,it is surprising that the store owner has been cautious,never conflict with people,but also did not have economic disputes with others,so why will be taken away by the public security organs?
  Learned,yu a shopkeeper,specimen Xiong Mou yuan,jiangxi jiujiang xingzi county(now LuJiang city)hot spring fellow villager,December 19,1995 at noon,because of the small dispute,in the local knife crime,two people were killed,then escape from jiangxi,since then lived a hide,give somebody else's odd jobs everywhere,until one day,he was homeless in quanzhou nanan,picked up a Zhang Yu an id card,to locate in the south,by yu a false identity,Xiong Mou yuan survived 25 years,in the fujian quanzhou turn over a new leaf.However,because he was on the run for murder,he did not sleep a single day.Although he had settled down in Quanzhou,Fujian province and married a wife and had children,he was even more shy about his wife.He not only let his two children follow their mother,but also did not take her back to his hometown in Jiangxi province,claiming that he was an orphan abandoned by his family.
  As for Xiong Mou yuan were arrested,but also from the August 28,2020,on this day,quanzhou anxi,police notified in anxi residences town,a village,the owner had quarreled and delivery workers,and finally to the police station,in the process of mediation,police found delivery workers,owner of Southampton yu a very suspicious,the owner of a building materials store seems to escape their inquiries,based on experience judgement,anxi,police think the south building materials store boss must have skeleton in my closet,in the process of talking to the clerk,police got him more details of"speaking accent in jiangxi province,more than a decade ago to Southampton,Like taking selfies every day!"
  Police with questions,through the synthetic operations center,found that Yu and Jiujiang,Jiangxi murder fugitive Xiong Mou yuan highly similar,this man is suspected to be Xiong Mou yuan bleach identity,On August 29,Anxi County police will be arrested.
  To the case of Xiong Mou yuan,truthfully confessed his criminal facts,25 years ago at a moment of impulse,caused many families fragmented,Xiong Mou yuan is also regretful.
  At present,the suspect Xiong Mou yuan has been handed over to the Jiujiang police in Jiangxi province according to law.
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